8 Best Stoner Deaths in Horror Movies

One of the classic staples of any horror movie is a stoner character who gets killed in a brutal manner. But with so many dead stoners out there, are there any that stand out?

Here are the eight best stoner deaths in horror movies:

8. Titus Telesco, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer isn’t really a good horror movie. And its sequel is even worse. But the one saving grace of this movie is Jack Black’s performance as stoner Titus Telesco. This scene is mostly just fun because it’s freaking Jack Black.

7. Random Stoner, Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood

The Leprechaun movies aren’t really great movies, but they’re fun if you like seeing a Leprechaun murder a bunch of people. One of the most famous kills from the series sees the Leprechaun getting high with some random stoner, and then eventually stabbing him through the chest with a bong.

6. Spencer, Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy’s Dead

The Nightmare on Elm Street movies began as scary films about a killer murdering teenagers in their dreams, but it eventually morphed into a weird series where Freddy was more focused on getting his one-liners out than actually killing anyone. The most infamous example of this is when he someone transports a teenager, played by Breckin Meyer, into a video game, and uses a weird glove controller to kill him. It’s pretty reflective of how far the movie strayed from its roots.

5. Chewie, Friday the 13th

The 2009 reboot/remake/sequel Friday the 13th wasn’t well-received by fans, but I’d argue it’s actually a pretty decent modern slasher. One of the best characters in the movie is stoner Chewie, who provides most of the film’s laughs. He also has a great death scene where he offers Jason a hockey stick to avoid getting killed.

4. Stoner Couple, Sleepaway Camp 2

The original Sleepaway Camp is secretly one of the best slasher movies from the 1980’s. The sequel isn’t nearly as good, but it does feature a fun scene where a killer sets two stoners on fire.

3. Freeburg, Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason isn’t quite as good a movie as people expected, but there are some decent moments. One of the better scenes is when Freddy takes over the mind of the stoner character of the movie and uses him to inject Jason with a sleep drug so Freddy can torture him in the Nightmare world. Unfortunately for our stoner Freeburg, Jason doesn’t fall asleep fast enough and cuts him in half with a machete.

2. Stoners, Scary Movie

The Scary Movie franchise eventually became an incredibly boring series of lame parodies that just threw out random pop culture references and hoped you might giggle. But the original is actually a decent parody of Scream and other horror movies. One of the best scenes is when the Ghostface killer hangs out with the stoners.

1. Palmer, The Thing

Palmer is the least stoner-y stoner on this list. He’s shown smoking a joint during The Thing, but he doesn’t have the classic stereotypical stoner attitude you’d expect from a horror movie. But his death is one of the best in the entire movie when the crew tests everyone’s blood to see if they’ve been infected by the alien. It’s one of the most iconic scenes in horror movie history.


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