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7 Best States to Grow Marijuana In

While many of us are content to just visit a dispensary to purchase marijuana, some people like to get their hands dirty (literally) and grow their own cannabis. And while that can be quite the endeavor, there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself. For instance, you can pick a good place to live.

Here are the seven best state to grow marijuana, based on both climate and legality:

1. California

California already produces the most marijuana in the United States, so it’s no surprise it’s a good place to grow cannabis. It’s warm and sunny the entire year, so you don’t have to worry too much about fluctuating temperatures. And obviously it’s 100 percent legal to do so, so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble.

2. Nevada

Warm weather is the ideal place to grow marijuana, so Nevada definitely fits the bill. Indica strains especially are used to growing in warm, dry environments, so they’d be perfect for the desert of Nevada. And it’s also legal, so you’re in the clear.

3. Oregon

The best conditions for outdoor marijuana growing include places where it’s not too hot in the summer and also not too cold in the winter. That’s basically the entire West Coast of the United States. If you’re wondering why Oregon’s so renowned for those giant forests, it’s because it has great growing conditions for all plants, including marijuana.

4. Washington

Washington is basically the same climate as Oregon, so it’s also a great place to grow marijuana. However Washington is known for getting a lot of rain, which isn’t 100 percent ideal for marijuana plants. so you’ll need to find a way to prevent it from getting too much.

5. Massachusetts

Massachusetts was the first state east of the Mississippi river to legalize recreational marijuana, and it’s also a great place to grow cannabis. It doesn’t get too hot, and it also doesn’t get too much rain. The winters are pretty cold, so you won’t be able to grow year-round like other places, but the rest of the year is perfect.

6. Michigan

To be honest, most of the Midwest would be a good place to grow marijuana. That’s why all of our corn and soybeans and other important crops are grown there. The only issue is marijuana is not quite as rain-friendly as those crops, so you may need to monitor your water levels a little more closely. Michigan is the only state in the region though that allows people to grow their own cannabis, as long as your a registered medical patient. Although that may change if they legalize recreational marijuana this November.

7. Tennessee

The actual best place to grow marijuana in America is probably in a bunch of illegal states. Kentucky and Tennessee are believed to have the most marijuana grown outdoors in the United States behind only California. Obviously all of that is illegal. But you can’t blame people for doing so. These states have all the advantages of the Midwest, such as good soil, not too warm, access to freshwater, without any of the disadvantages, like the cold winters or the huge amounts of summer rainfall. Unfortunately it is illegal to grow it, but these places will be hotspots for cannabis cultivation once they finally come to their senses.


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