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7 Best Marijuana Moments Ever on 'South Park’

This week South Park returned to Comedy Central for the premiere of its 22nd season. The show has tackled basically every issue you can think of over those 22 years, and obviously that includes marijuana.

Here are the seven best marijuana moments from South Park.

7. “Crippled Summer”

Towelie is a genetically engineered towel that also loves to smoke weed. But as the show goes on, Towelie begins to more and more degenerate into drug abuse. In “Crippled Summer,” Towelie is in quite the downward spiral and the episode becomes a parody of the show Intervention as the boys try to convince him to get clean.

6. “Million Little Fibers”

In the aftermath of the controversy surrounding author James Frey pretending his fictional novel A Million Little Pieces was actually a biographical memoir, South Park parodied the whole situation by having Towelie write an autobiographical novel where he pretends to be a human, and not a towel. It’s not specifically marijuana related, but since it involves Towelie, we’ll count it.

5. “Ike’s Wee Wee”

In this episode, Mr. Mackey, the school counselor, goes from an anti-drug educator to a pot smoking hippie. But the best part of the episode is Mr. Mackey giving his anti-drug lecture which is about the same as one you probably heard in school as well.

4. “Towelie”

“Towelie” is the introduction to the character Towelie (obviously). As mentioned before, Towelie is the biggest stoner on the show, and his introduction is part of what makes him one of the show’s most famous characters.

3. “Something You Can Do with Your Finger”

In this fourth season episode, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny create a boy band called “Fingerbang.” The episode doesn’t have anything to do with marijuana, but there is a moment where Stan’s dad Randy wants him to quit the band and suggests he starting smoking marijuana instead.

2. “My Future Self ’n’ Me”

In this sixth season episode, the parents in South Park hire actors to portray their children from the future to scare them away from doing drugs. Of course, this ends up backfiring. The episode also ends with probably the best anti-marijuana advice parents could give.

1. “Medicinal Fried Chicken

In South Park’s most marijuana-centric episode, Randy purposely gives himself testicular cancer so he can get a prescription for medical marijuana. Of course, since it’s South Park, his testicles grow to an outrageous size and eventually he begins using them like a pogo stick to get around.


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