Celebrate Prince's Birthday With These Touching Tributes To The Late Pop Icon

There was no shortage of tributes following Prince's untimely death on April 21. In fact, there were so many that you might have missed a few touching homages to the late music icon. But now you can catch up in honor of what would have been The Purple One's 58th birthday.

Here are six of the best tributes to Prince.

Bruce Springsteen

The Boss' April 23 show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center started a bit differently. The stage lit purple before Springsteen and the E Street Band - also wearing Prince's iconic color - took the stage to play a rocking rendition of "Purple Rain." At the song's finale, Bruce shouted, "Prince forever. God bless!"

Stevie Wonder

Not all musicians were able to play tributes to Prince. "I think I would probably break down if I do a song right now," music legend Stevie Wonder told Anderson Cooper when the CNN host asked him if he would play a tribute for his friend. He added, "I'm just glad that I was able to say to him, 'I love you' the last time I saw him."

As a young musician, Prince idolized Wonder. But the mentor soon developed a deep admiration for the protege as he discovered just how talented Prince was. Check out the full Apr. 21 interview here.

Elton John

During an April 23 show at Caesar's Palace, Elton opened up about being neighbors with Prince - a.k.a the "Purple Warrior" - while the two were playing shows in Las Vegas. "I would get up at 8:15 to play tennis, and he'd be coming in from playing all night," John recalled as the crowd laughed.

He capped off the anecdote with an emotional rendition of "I Guess that's Why They Call It the Blues."


During a gig at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis last May, Beck paid tribute to one of his idols by covering the 1985 hit "Raspberry Beret," the inspiration for his song Debra. Both tunes are about random flings, but Beck updates the scenario by running into his love interest at a J.C. Penny instead of Mr. McGee's five-and-dime.

Jimmy Fallon and ?uestlove

Following Prince's death, Fallon dedicated a segment of The Tonight Show to retelling stories about Prince with Roots drummer ?uestlove. The funniest moment involved Prince schooling Jimmy at ping pong.

Dave Chappelle

We couldn't bring up the ping-pong incident without mentioning that time Prince and the Revolution - his backup band from the 80s - schooled Eddie Murphy's brother Charlie and his friends at a pick-up game of basketball. The beatdown, of course, was dramatized in one of the best sketches from Chappelle's Show.

The sketch regained popularity following Prince's death, but Chappelle was too choked up to discuss his feelings toward the musician he idolized. So we'll leave you with the sketch, which Prince said he loved during an interview in which he verified the skit's portrayal of the incident.

h/t NPR, Entertainment Weekly

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