Here Are the 20 Best Paying Companies in America

If there's one thing that all humans can agree on it's that we want to get paid well for our work. But obviously not all jobs get the lucrative salaries we'd all enjoy. But if you're looking for a well-paying job, there are definitely a few places where you can start looking.

Here are the 20 best-paying companies in the United States:

1. Google – Mountain View, California

2. Facebook – Menlo Park, California

3. Salsforce – San Francisco, California

4. Microsoft – Redmond, Washington

5. Netflix – Los Gatos, California

6. Apple – Cupertino, California

7. Accenture – New York, New York

8. Cisco – San Jose, California

9. Intuit – Mountain View, California

10. Chevron Corporation – San Ramon, California

11. Bloomberg – New York, New York

12. eBay – San Jose, California

13. T-Mobile – Bellevue, Washington

14. Hubspot – Cambridge, Massachusetts

15. LogMeIn – Boston, Massachusetts

16. Zillow – Seattle, Washington

17. Adobe – San Jose, California

18. LinkedIn – Sunnyvale, California

19. Zynga – San Francisco, California

20. Goldman Sachs – New York, New York

As you can see, almost all of the companies on this list are tech-related, which probably explains why most of them are also located in or near Silicon Valley in California. Although there are a couple of Washington-based companies on the list, and unsurprisingly a few in New York City as well.

So unfortunately it looks like your liberal arts degree will probably not end up helping you get into any of the top 20 best-paying companies.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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