8 Best New Marijuana-Related Apps

Now that everyone has a smartphone, we’re constantly looking for useful apps that will help justify the large amount of dough we drop on these expensive devices. And if you’re a marijuana user, you’re probably looking for apps that will help your cannabis using experience.

If that’s the case, we have eight recommendations for you.

1. Weedmaps

Need to know where the nearest dispensary is to your location? Just download Weedmaps and you’ll know! Particularly useful if you’re traveling in a different state.

2. simLeaf

You know how your parents got you a Tamagotchi to teach you how to take care of a pet? simLeaf is similar in that it allows you to digitally grow a marijuana plant. You’ll be able to adjust various settings to understand the ins and outs of growing your own cannabis. And once you succeed digitally, you can try out the real thing!

3. Hemp Inc.

Did you ever play Farmville on Facebook? Hemp Inc. is similar. You run your own marijuana dispensary and begin to understand the ins and outs of the business. Oh, and you can sell weed to Tommy Chong in it.

4. Growtronix

Growtronix is an automation system to help you grow cannabis. It’ll allow you to control temperature, humidity and tons of other factors to improve your marijuana grow. You’ll need to contact the company directly to get your hands on this tech.

5. Eaze

It’s the Uber for marijuana! Simply place your cannabis order on the app and a driver will pick it up and deliver it to you. What more could you need?

6. My Canary

My Canary is an app that tests whether or not a person is too high to drive. It provides a series of digital tests similar to what law enforcement would use if you were pulled over. The app will then tell you whether or not you should avoid going behind the wheel.

7. Releaf

Releaf is an app that tracks a person’s medcial marijuana usage. It helps you figure out which strains are working best for you, as well as keeping track of the source for all your cannabis.

8. Leafly

Basically, the Yelp for marijuana. Users are able to upload review of their favorite strains to help you pick whatever is the best product for you.


Adrienne, a budtender at the Higher Path Collective in Los Angeles, is used to dealing with customers who might be too high. Whether they come into the dispensary confused about what they want to buy, or they're calling in when they eat too much of an edible, Adrienne knows just what to say to help them calm down. A word of advice: Never eat the whole edible, if you're not sure how it will affect you.

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