10 Best Moments from the Marijuana Episode of 'The Office’

The Office is one of the greatest comedies ever made, and one of the best episodes actually involves marijuana. In the 20th episode of the second season, called “Drug Testing,” Dwight Schrute finds a joint in the office parking lot and begins an investigation into who smoked it. It’s an episode that features pot jokes and discussion of pee, so you know it’s a great episode.

Here are the 10 best moments from the episode:

1. Dwight Describes the Average Marijuana User

In the cold open, Dwight interrogates Kevin Malone. Dwight begins describing the average marijuana user by calling them, “Dull. Slow-moving. Constantly snacking.” It takes Kevin a few seconds to realize Dwight is implying Kevin is all of these things as well.

2. Dude, Where’s My Office?

Regional manager Michael Scott isn’t exactly the most well-informed person in the world, so his attempt at playing a stoner fall pretty flat. He says things like, “Dude, where’s my office,” and “Peace out, Seacrest!” This leads to temp Ryan Howard saying, “I don’t think Michael’s ever done drugs…I don’t know if anyone’s ever offered him any.”

3. Drug Mule

In perhaps the most inappropriate moment of the episode, Dwight interrogates hispanic account Oscar Martinez and implies he could possibly be a drug mule. He ends the questioning by asking, “Have you ever pooped a balloon?”

4. Do you know what this is?

In another interrogation, Dwight asks Phyllis Lapin if she can identify what’s in a picture of marijuana, without realizing it’s labeled. He then asks Creed Bratton the same thing, and Creed replies, “That is Northern Lights Cannabis Indica,” which prompts Dwight to respond, “No, it’s marijuana.”

5. Jim’s Interrogation

Dwight attempts to interrogate his nemesis Jim Halpert, but Jim flips it around into an interrogation of Dwight by noting that using marijuana could’ve erased his memory and he doesn’t remember smoking the joint.

6. Michael Possibly Used Marijuana

The best reveal is later in the episode when Michael reveals he might’ve used marijuana at an Alicia Keys concert because a girl with a lip ring was passing around a “clove cigarette.” He defends himself by noting that, “Everyone in the aisle was doing it.”

7. Conference Room Meeting

The entire conference room scene where Michael lectures the office as an attempt to deflect the suspicion off of him is great. Some the highlights include when he says, “Everyone knows Cheech and Chong would be funny, but imagine how funny they would be if they didn’t smoke pot.” He also makes up several fake facts in his lecture such as “more people will use cocaine this year than read a book to their children.” He also misspells “heroin” as “heroine” on a list of drugs

8. I wasn’t planning on going to the bathroom

The conference room scene ends with Michael attempting to get out of the urine testing, and when he realizes he cannot he says he’s having a busy day and, “I wasn’t planning on going to the bathroom and I don’t even know if anything will come out.”

9. Dwight Pees for Michael

Michael then asks Dwight to give him clean urine so he can pass the drug test. Dwight is initially skeptical, so Michael tries to reassure him by saying, “Urine goes all over the place, the cup may find itself accidentally underneath it.” Dwight is later asked by his girlfriend Angela is he really wants to give Michael his urine, to which he replies, “I want him to have all the urine he needs.”

10. Michael Makes Dwight Office Security Supervisor

Dwight gives in and allows Michael to use his urine for the test. He then resigns from his volunteer sheriff’s position out of shame. Michael decides to show an act of kindness to Dwight and makes him Office Security Supervisor as thanks for his help.

Also, not all of these moments were available on YouTube, but luckily there are highlights from the episode that you can enjoy right here:



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