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15 Best Marijuana Strains to Begin the Day

It’s early in the morning and you’ve just woken up. You’re a bit tired and groggy, but you have things you need to do! Some people grab a cup of coffee or an energy drink to get themselves ready for the day. But why go that route when there’s plenty of marijuana strains that can do the same exact thing?

Here are the best marijuana strains to help you begin your day:

1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a strain now for not only giving people energy, but also gives a euphoric feling as well. So you’ll not only be energized to start the day, but happy to do so as well! It’s also known for giving people creativity, which may be helpful in some lines of work.

2. Jillybean

Unlike jelly beans, which are not recommended for morning routines, Jillybean is a strain of marijuana that gives users an energetic and uplifting high. It also has a pleasant aroma of oranges, mangoes and wildflowers, so which will allow your atmosphere to brighten your day as well.

3. Harlequin

Not everyone will be able to use a high-THC content marijuana strain in the morning. It would make them too loopy or out-of-it to get things done. But that’s why there’s Harlequin. This high-CBD strain provides energy and relaxation while also helping users focus on tasks. A perfect strain for people who need to be in the right mindset.

4. Chocolope

Some people are coffee addicts and need a cup o’ joe in the morning no matter what. If that descries you, then you should also add Chocolope to your routine. This marijuana strain provides many of the same energy and euphoria as other strains on this list, but its earthy flavor pairs perfectly with coffee. It’s just a perfect match.

5. Ghost Train Haze

If you’re a marijuana enthusiast who can handle high THC content, then Ghost Train Haze might be right for you. It’s known to be one of the strongest cannabis strains available, so it’s probably not the best choice for someone preparing to go to work. But if you’re going out for a weekend adventure, this will really help get things started.

6. Green Crack

Obviously, when something’s named “crack,” you know it’s going to lead to some intense feelings. Green Crack gets its name for the surge of energy it provides users. You’l be able to motivate yourself for any task with this strain.

7. XJ-13

Sometimes you just want a pleasant taste to start your day. That’s where XJ-13 comes in. It creates an aroma of lemon, lime and tropical fruit, and its flavor is very similar. It also provides the same energy and relaxation as other strains on the list as well.

8. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most popular marijuana strains available. It delivers a pleasurable high that also gives users a boost of energy and focus. Given its popularity, you know it has to be a winner.

9. Maui Wowie

Work in a field where creativity is key? Constantly needing inspiration for your work in the morning? Then Maui Wowie is perfect for you. You’ll get an instant boost to creative thinking, while also feeling energized for tackling any task ahead of you.

10. Super Sour Diesel

Another very potent strain, Super Sour Diesel is fast-acting that gives users a quick boost of energy. With its high THC content, it can lead to some powerful psychoactive experiences, so probably not best before operating heavy machinery.

11. Chocolate Thai

This may be a harder strain for customers to find, but Chocolate Thai is perfect for people not looking for a super powerful experience. That means people with low tolerance or new users who want an energy boost should really look into this classic strain.

12. Pineapple Express

No, we’re not suggesting you watch the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy to start hte day. Rather, Pineapple Express is a balanced strain that gives energy without inducing anxiety. It’ll also increase your appetite, so it might be a good choice before going out for a big brunch.

13. Island Sweet Skunk

Many of the strains on this list are more for getting pumped and energized for the day, and Island Sweet Skunk will help with that. But it’ll also help with any early morning aches and pains you might be dealing with as well. That may be even more important than getting a little energy boost.

14. Golden Goat

Golden Goat is another strain on the list that’s good for medical users. Its high THC levels help the high spread throughout the body, giving your entire being a more relaxed feeling. It’s an effective way to get over those early morning pains.

15. Snowcap

Are you a grump in the morning? Seem to bring everyone else’s mood down with your bad attitude? Then try the Snowcap strain. It’ll get you in the mood to laugh, providing you with a positive attitude that’ll last the entire day. And now your co-workers won’t be able to complain.


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