7 Best Marijuana Strains to Get Through Hump Day

Hump day a.k.a. Wednesday is the day of the week where you can finally taste the weekend, but you know you still have to get through another few days of work to get there. This can lead to a lot of staring at the clock waiting for the weekend to arrive.

If that’s the case for you, here are seven marijuana strains to help give you motivation to tackle your tasks for the rest of the week:

1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a potent strain that will give you a huge boost of energy as well as lift your spirits to get rid of the mid-week blues. The strain is also known to boost creativity, which may come in handy at many workplaces.

2. Jillybean

Jillybean is another strain that boosts your emotional well-being as well as your energy levels. If anything, this strain will make you so happy you may actually begin annoying your co-workers with your positive attitude around the office.

3. Harlequin

Harlequin’s a perfect strain for Hump Day because it contains very little THC. That means you’ll get all the positive effects (euphoria, focus and energy) without getting so high that all your co-workers realized you’ve consumed something before work.

4. Chocolope

Chocolope is another strain known for its uplifting and energizing properties that make it perfect for getting through the day. It’s earthy taste also pairs well with coffee, which just so happens to be the most popular thing for people to consume to get through the day.

5. Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is a very strong strain that should probably be avoided for newbie marijuana users. But more experienced users will get a huge burst of energy as well as a boost in focus to help tackle all your daily responsibilities.

6. Green Crack

While using crack is probably the worst thing you can do on a Hump Day, Green Crack is one of the best. As the name suggests, it gives a major boost of energy as well as focus to help you with your tasks. Although it can also induce a fit of the giggles, which may or may not be appropriate in your workplace.

7. XJ-13

Like Durban Poison, XJ-13 will boost your energy and your creative juices that will definitely help you in your journey for Employee of the Month. The strain also has some delicious lemon, lime and tropical flavors that make it an enjoyable consumption experience.


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