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7 Best Marijuana Strains for Watching the World Cup

The World Cup is currently underway in Russia as fans around the world celebrate their favorite teams. Unless you live in America, in which case you’re probably rooting for whatever team your great-grandparents came from. And the only way to make these matches any more interesting is by adding a little cannabis to the mix.

Here are the seven best marijuana strains for watching the World Cup.

1. UK Cheese

Usually England is mocked during World Cup time for once again failing to meet expectations, although this year’s team is off to a good start after winning their first game. UK Cheese is a great strain for English fans because it will help you relax during the tense moments of the match and also give you a boost of euphoria when your team ultimately disappoints once again.

2. Panama Red

One team that is not doing too hot in the World Cup is Panama after losing their opening match 3-0. To get over their tough loss, Panamanians (although I think they should be called Panamaniacs) should try Panama Red. The strain will make them feel super happy and uplifted, as well as provide a burst of energy. It’s also known for creating aroused feelings.

3. LA Confidential

The United States may not be in this year’s World Cup, but they will be hosting the 2026 World Cup along with Mexico and Canada. Los Angeles will certainly receive some of those soccer matches, so why not enjoy a little LA Confidential? This skunky strain is a super relaxing strain, so that will help during nerve-wracking moments of the World Cup.

4. Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is a World Cup winning strain. Literally. It’s won Cannabis World Cups around the world. It’s one of the best strains for relaxing and for producing euphoria. It will also stimulate your appetite so you’ll enjoy all the snacks at your World Cup viewing party.

5. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is another strain that’s won numerous cannabis awards over the years. It’s known for its sweet yet earthy taste. It’s known for being a super relaxing strain, as well as being one of the best for providing medical benefits for all sorts of conditions. So maybe this is the strain to go to if you get into any fights while watching the games.

6. G13

G13 is one of the strongest marijuana strains available, and was allegedly created in a secret government lab by the CIA. While that’s probably not true, this strain is great for helping people relax, which may be necessary after watching several high-action soccer matches.

7. Green Crack

Ultimately the best part about the World Cup is getting super excited after a goal or an amazing play. And that’s when you want to go absolutely wild with your celebration. Well that’s where Green Crack comes in. It will give you a massive energy boost without any of the negative effects of actual crack.


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