6 Best Marijuana Strains Before Getting on a Flight

Getting on an airplane is sometimes a major fear for people, even though it’s statistically safer than just about every other form of travel. But there are ways to avoid that anxiety that don’t involve consuming copious amounts of alcohol or taking sleeping pills.

Here are six marijuana strains to help you get through your flight:

Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG Kush is a pretty strong strain, although that may be exactly what you’re looking for. This strain is pretty fast-acting, leading to quick relaxation and eventually sleep. You’ll be able to avoid the tedium of sitting on an airplane awake for an entire flight.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a popular strain, so it will be easy to find. It helps people relax and eventually fall asleep, and also has strong berry and grape flavors to make it an enjoyable experience while consuming.


When you think of Luke Skywalker, you probably think about fighting enemies with a lightsaber. Well, the Skywalker strain is simply a high-THC strain that helps people fall asleep. But make sure you only take a little bit. If you take too much, you may end up getting the anxiety you’re trying to avoid.

God’s Gift

This strain is definitely a gift to people needing to sleep on an airplane. God’s Gift will melt your stress away and allow you to get on a plane without a worry in the world.


Cannatonic is a high-CBD strain, which means it’s less likely to cause anxiety than high-THC strains. As the name suggests, this strain will basically put you into a relaxation coma where you won’t have a care in the world. It will also help you fall asleep.


ACDC is another strain that is high in CBD that will help you feel super relaxed on you flight. It also helps boost focus, in case you want to get any work done while on the plane. Or if you just want to do a ton of Sudoku puzzles.


A new study shows that people suffering from anxiety may be able to successfully transition off of traditional medications to medical marijuana. Nearly half of participants in a recent study successfully stopped using benzodiazepines after beginning medical marijuana treatment. The study participants were made up of 146 anxiety patients.

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