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The Best Marijuana Strain for Each Astrological Sign

Some people are devoted to astrology and believe that there are signs from the stars that can give us insight into our lives. There are also people who believe the same thing about using marijuana. So maybe astrology and cannabis are a match made in heaven.

Here is the best marijuana strain for each astrological sign.

Aquarius: White Russian

People born as Aquarius tend to enjoy being social situations with their friends, and also love stimulating conversation. The White Russian strain gives a cerebral high that’s known to help boost critical and creative thinking, which will lead to great conversations that Aquarius will love.

Pisces: Willy’s Wonder

Pisces enjoy alone time and taking a moment just to be with themselves. They also like sleeping. Willy’s Wonder will help a Pisces relax on the couch, and slowly drift off into dream world.

Aries: Durban Poison

People born under the Aries sign are often extremely enthusiastic and motivated to get involved in physical or outdoors activities. Durban Poison is one of the best strains for boosting a person’s energy and getting them pumped to take on the day.

Taurus: Ultimate Trainwreck

No, we’re not saying people who are born as Taurus are trainwrecks. Rather, they enjoy being surrounded by love and beauty. And the best way to get in a loving mood is with a little help from the Ultimate Trainwreck strain.

Gemini: Strawberry Cough

Similar to Aquarius, Geminis hate being alone and love talking to just about everyone they meet. And one of the best strains for boosting social activity is Strawberry Cough. Although, maybe it would be best to try to dissuade them from talking to literally everybody.

Cancer: Jack Herer

Cancers love creating art and committing to other projects around the house. And since no one likes following instructions, these activities require a little creativity and imagination. The Jack Herer strain is one of the best at boosting creative thinking in users to help tackle any projects they undertake.

Leo: Laughing Buddha

Leos are always in cheerful moods and love to make others laugh, and they don’t mind getting a giggle in now and then either. That’s where the Laughing Buddha strain comes in. As the name suggests, it will definitely help give anyone a case of the giggles.

Virgo: Blue Dream

Virgos tend to be very hardworking and practical, and often are very critical of their own performance. Basically, they’re incredibly stressed out all the time. Blue Dream is the perfect strain to help anyone relax after a long day of working, even Virgos.

Libra: Willie Nelson

Libras love balance and symmetry in life, and they love to embrace life and live it to its fullest. Part of embracing life is going out and enjoying nature. The Willie Nelson strain will give Libras the energy to go out and experience nature, while also honing their focus so they can capture it all in their minds. Although it should be noted that Willie Nelson himself is a Taurus.

Scorpio: Green Crack

Scorpios are incredibly passionate. But one of the things they’re most passionate about is being right. Green Crack will give Scorpios the focus they need to make sure they’re right. It will help them study up on every subject, and it will make sure their mind is clear if they get into any arguments that they need to win.

Sagittarius: Blue Diesel

Like some other astrological signs, people born as Sagittarius love laughing and enjoying life. The Blue Diesel strain is the perfect strain for putting people in a good mood and leading to a fit of the giggles.

Capricorn: Harlequin

Capricorns are known for being very disciplined and self-control. That means they’d probably want a marijuana strain that doesn’t make them lose their minds. The Harlequin strain is a high CBD, low THC strain that will allow you to feel the effects of cannabis without getting too out of it.


There are so many strains of marijuana available it can be nearly impossible to figure out which one is right for you. And sure, a knowledgeable budtender could point you in the right direction, but we think we've figured out a better method for choosing a marijuana strain. Take our quiz below to find out which cannabis strain is your true soulmate.

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