6 Best Marijuana Podcasts

While we recommend that you never use marijuana while driving, that doesn’t mean that your morning commute has to be 100 percent cannabis free. There are plenty of great marijuana podcasts available to make your drive to work a little more manageable.

Here are the six best marijuana podcasts you can listen to right now:

1. Getting Doug With High

Popular comedian and renowned marijuana user Doug Benson gets high with some comedians and then they just hang out for an hour. What could be better than that?

2. The Adam Dunn Show

Adam Dunn’s been a popular figure in the cannabis community since the early 1990’s. He uses his extensive knowledge of the industry as well as insightful guests to offer great perspectives about cannabis’ past, present and future.

3. Great Moments in Weed History

Great Moments in Weed History is sort of like Drunk History but about marijuana and the person telling the story isn’t super drunk. They’ve tackled recent great moments, such as Bob Dylan and the Beatles using marijuana for the first time, to historical events, such as Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt allowing hash to come to Europe, and even religious events, such as discussing whether Jesus use cannabis to perform miracles.

4. CannaInsider

CannaInsider is one of the most popular marijuana-related podcasts on iTunes. Host Matthew Kind interviews leaders in the industry to discuss the future of marijuana, but you’ll also learn how to create your own cannabis oils and how to make the perfect grow room.

5. Cannabis Cultivation and Science

This podcast is a little more specialized and niche than the others on the list. Cannabis Cultivation and Science discusses the science behind cannabis cultivation, obviously. Specifically host Tad Hussey brings in some of the best experts in cultivation to discuss changes in technology and methods to improve cannabis harvests. In the most recent episode they brought in the World Record holder for giant pumpkins to discuss increasing yield.

6. Cannabis & Main

Shameless plug for Civilized’s newest podcast, Cannabis & Main. But don’t worry, it belongs on this list! We teamed up with Ricardo Baca, a veteran journalist who knows more about the cannabis industry than probably anyone. The podcast covers everything from social justice issues, medical research, how to get a job in the industry and other pressing issues to the industry. If you like reading this site, then you’ll like listening to this podcast.


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