7 Best Marijuana Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s definitely time to pick out a costume for the spooky festivities. And considering you’re on this website, we’re guessing you’ve definitely considered doing a marijuana-themed outfit. If that’s the case, we have seven suggestions for how you can incorporate marijuana into your Halloween costume.

1. Best Buds

This is a pretty simple one that simply requires a friend. Just dress in the same marijuana-related outfit as your friend, and tell people you’re “Best Buds.” Simple, but funny.

2. Pot Brownie

No, we’re not talking about the actual brownie. We’re talking about Brownies, which are Girl Scouts before they become Girl Scouts. Basically just dress in a Girl Scout uniform and then slap a marijuana leaf sticker on it or some other marijuana related item and you can be a Pot Brownie.

3. CannaBoss

It’s not cannabis, it’s CannaBoss! Basically just wear a suit but add some marijuana related items on it. Alternatively, you could find a suit with a marijuana leaf pattern, but that may be a lot for a one-time wear.

4. Baked Potato

You basically just dress as a potato and carry around a joint or some other marijuana instrument and you’ll be a Baked Potato. Alternatively, you could dress as a potato and then get really high. Both work.

5. Granddaddy Purple

You can honor one of America’s favorite marijuana strains by dressing as Granddaddy Purple for Halloween. Basically just get an old man beard or mask and then dress in all purple. Pretty simple.

6. Devil’s Lettuce

Devil’s Lettuce is my personal favorite slang term for marijuana. And it’s also a simple Halloween costume. Just get a normal Devil costume and then add lettuce. You could stick the lettuce on top of the Devil’s trident for instance, or just hang it around your neck.

7. Pothead

Another super simple idea. Simply take a pot and put it on your head. Boom, you’re a pothead! Bonus points if you put an actual marijuana plant inside your pot, although we’d suggest you only do that in a legal state.


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