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7 Best Marijuana Destinations to Visit This Summer

It’s the middle of May, which means summer is nearly here. That also means you’re also probably planning your upcoming vacation as well. And if you’re a fan of cannabis, that means you also have a limited number of destinations you can go to this summer.

Here are the seven best marijuana destinations to go to this summer:

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is basically the birthplace of the United States of America. You can see all the places where the Founding Fathers planned the American Revolution. And starting in July, Boston will also have legalized recreational marijuana.

2. Los Angeles, California

To be fair, finding marijuana in Los Angeles has never been too difficult. But this is the first year where you’ll be able to walk into any dispensary as a tourist, show your ID and purchase legal cannabis.

3. Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful state that’s also freezing cold year round. So summer’s the only time where the state will be tolerable for most people. It’s also highly rated by most people for cannabis vacations as well.

4. Uruguay

Uruguay was actually the first country to legalize recreational cannabis, but only citizens are allowed to purchase it. However, they are allowed to “gift” marijuana to anyone they want, so you’ll just need to make friends with a local and you’ll also enjoy legal cannabis. Although, it is rumored to not be the highest quality.

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Everyone knows about Amsterdam’s history with marijuana. The city’s coffee shops can sell cannabis to anyone, and people are free to use as they see fit. Amsterdam will always appear on a list of cannabis destinations.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is often underrated as a marijuana destination. It may be a little difficult finding cannabis in the country since the drug is only decriminalized, but locals have a very open attitude about the drug so you won’t have to worry about getting nabbed by police.

7. Christiania, Denmark

Christiania, Denmark is a neighborhood in Copenhagen that’s governed by its own laws separate from Denmark or Copenhagen. One of the things their laws allow are marijuana sales. So you can enjoy all the sights of Copenhagen, then take a dip into Christiania for some cannabis. And don’t worry, Copenhagen is tolerant about marijuana use, so you won’t be stuck in one neighborhood the whole time.


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