The 3 Best Dispensaries in Rhode Island

Ever since Rhode Island legalized medicinal cannabis in 2006, the state has had a number of dispensaries pop up. That number is exactly three. While that might not seem like a lot, it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the country’s smallest state would have a limited number of dispensaries. So which are the best dispensaries in Rhode Island?

Usually we’d make a list of our favorites, but in this case due to the limited numbers, we figure we might as well share a little bit about all of Rhode Island’s dispensaries. 

Marijuana Dispensaries in Rhode Island

1. Summit Medical Compassionate Center – Warwick

This dispensary has received high praise for its friendly employees, comfortable atmosphere, impressive menu of premium products, and convenient location. First time customers are quick to mention the high level of care and patient education.

2. Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center – Portsmouth

Many customers say this dispensary offers the best prices in the state, thanks largely to frequent sales. They’re known for providing helpful, friendly service, and for their calming, comfortable space. 

3. Thomas C Slater Compassion Center – Providence

With friendly service and a high level of patient care, the dispensary is dedicated to providing an educational experience that is comfortable and discreet. They’re also renowned for providing outstanding prices thanks to loyalty rewards, sliding scale rates for low income patients, low bulk pricing, and products in exchange for volunteer work.


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