The Best Dispensaries in Connecticut

Ever since medicinal marijuana was legalized in Connecticut in 2012, the state has had a number of dispensaries pop up. Usually we do a rundown of the ten best dispensaries in a particular state, but in this case we can’t as Connecticut only has nine. So what are the best dispensaries in Connecticut? Let’s take a look.

The Best Dispensaries in Connecticut

1. Southern CT Wellness & Healing – Milford

Five-star rating thanks to great sales, outstanding customer service, comfortable atmosphere, and expansive selection of high quality strains. 

2. Arrow Alternative Care – Hartford

Renowned for offering educated, considerate patient care, along with premium quality products. 

3. The Healing Corner – Bristol

This dispensary is all about providing friendly, expert products at a good price. 

4. Thames Valley Alternative Relief – Uncasville

Comfortable atmosphere, friendly service, and an expansive selection.

5. Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut – Branford

Customers hail its attention to delivering quality patient care, along with its tranquil, professional atmosphere and high quality products. 

6. D&B Wellness and Compassionate Care Center – Bethel

Personable, one on one service, quality products, a clean, comfortable space.

7. Prime Wellness of Connecticut – South Windsor

Professional, expert service that is especially praised by first time patients, peaceful atmosphere, quality products. 

8. Caring Nature – Waterbury

Helpful, attentive staff, low prices, and expansive selection.

9. Arrow Alternative Care – Milford

Patients appreciate the ability to order online, the price-match policy, and wide selection of strains and accessories. 


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