The 10 Best Marijuana Strains Under $15

Some cannabis consumers will spend hours online reading up on every marijuana strain available, learning all the ins and outs and determine what product would be best for them. But some of us are too lazy to do that much work, and have only one thing in mind when going to a dispensary: Price.

But if you purchase a cheaper strain, does that mean you’re getting a cheaper product? Of course not! There are plenty of great strains available for super cheap prices. The folks over at Leafly compiled a list of cheap cannabis strains that all received 4.3 ratings or higher from users. Here are the 10 strains that received high ratings that cost less than $15 per gram:

10. LSD

Price per gram: $12.45

9. Death Star

Price per gram: $12.28

8. White Widow

Price per gram: $12.11

7. Critical Kush

Price per gram: $11.96

6. MK Ultra

Price per gram: $11.87

5 (tie). Blue Diesel

Price per gram: $11.63

5. (tie). Obama Kush

Price per gram: $11.63

3. G13

Price per gram: $11.18

2. Pennywise

Price per gram: $10.94

1. Blue Magoo

Price per gram: $10.70

Also, given the new It movie, we’d probably recommend you stay away from the Pennywise strain. You know…just in case.

(h/t Leafly for strain information)


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