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5 Best Cannabis Beers

Using cannabis or cannabis-related substances in beers is one of the hottest trends among breweries right now. But just because a beer contains some sort of cannabis doesn’t mean it’s necessarily it’s good.

Here are the five best cannabis beers you can enjoy in the United States right now:

1. Humboldt Brown

Originally called “Hemp Ale,” Humboldt Brown is a beer brewed by the Humboldt Brewing Co. that uses toasted hemp seeds in its recipe. And don’t think this is just some novelty beer. Humboldt Brown has won several awards, including a gold medal at the LA County Fair. So you know it actually tastes good.

2. Two Flowers

This beer made by Coalition Brewing in Oregon is supposedly the first ever beer to include CBD. A 10 ounce beer contains five milligrams of CBD. So this beer won’t just get you drunk, but it may help improve your health.

3. Fitger’s Homegrown Hempen Ale

Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth, Minnesota also uses hemp seeds in this beer that the jokingly call the “Gateway Beer.” However, they only make one batch a year in honor of the Homegrown Music Festival in the town, so it’s pretty rare to find.

4. Hemp Hop Rye

This beer brewed by O’Fallon Brewery is also made with toasted hemp seeds. But while most brews made with hemp tend to have a more herbal flavor, the Hemp Hop Rye tends to taste more like caramel.

5. The Hemperor

The Hemperor is another beer that uses hemp seeds in the brewing process, but what makes it most notable is the ocmpany that makes it. New Belgium Brewing is popular craft brewery that’s best known for its Fat Tire beer. The Hemperor is their latest product, and can be enjoyed in their location down in Colorado.


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