'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert is turning awkward teen photos into lifesavers. Last week, Colbert launched the #PuberMe campaign to raise money for Puerto Rico after the island territory was devastated by Hurricane Maria

Every time a celebrity tweets out an embarrassing photo from their pubescent years, Colbert will donate $1,000 to the relief effort through the AmeriCone Dream Fund — a charity named after the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor created for the late-night host.

"I issued the challenge last Wednesday, and I'm happy to say that — unlike my facial hair at 14 — the results have been coming in strong," Colbert said yesterday. Here are the best #PuberMe pics so far.

Stephen Colbert

'The Late Show' host had his anchorman hair down, but he needed more time to grow into his tie.

Nick Kroll

The creator of the new Netflix series 'Big Mouth,' who helped inspire the #PuberMe campaign, could've played young Henry Hill in 'Goodfellas.'

Lin-Manuel Miranda

The 'Hamilton' star's voice has come a long way over the years.

Conan O'Brien

The rival late-night host could've played Danny Bonaduce's stunt double on 'The Partridge Family.'

Reese Witherspoon

The 'Legally Blonde' star was disqualified from the #PuberMe campaign for not looking awkward enough as a teen.

John Oliver

The young 'Last Week Tonight' host could've gotten work as a Harold Ramis impersonator.

Kristen Bell

Luckily for 'Frozen' fans, young Kristen Bell survived this attack by ravenous puffy sleeves.

Steve Martin

Wait, did Jim Morrison fake his death and dye his hair to launch a comedy career?


William Shatner

Who wears short shorts? Captain Kirk wears short shorts.

Jimmy Kimmel

The late-night host had his eye on the prize even before he was tall enough to see over the hood of a car.

Samantha Bee, Jack Black, Weird Al Yankovic, Et Al.

Colbert profiled other embarrassing #PuberMe entries last night on 'The Late Show,' which featured Neil DeGrasse Tyson crashing the set the share his own awkward photo.