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Here are the Best (and Worst) Airports in the United States

No one likes going to the airport, but it's something we have to deal with in order to enjoy the ability of flying thousands of miles across the world in only a few hours. But airports are not all made equally. Some can actually be...dare I say it...tolerable!

J.D. Power, the organization who gives out all those awards you hear about in car commercials all the time, conducted their 2017 North American Airport Satisfaction Study to determine the best and worst airport experiences. They surveyed nearly 35,000 people who had visited at least one airport in the past three months to discuss their experiences. They asked about everything from the quality of the terminal facilities to the food options.

The results were broken into three categories: Mega airports, large airports and medium airports. Here were the results from each category:

Mega Airports

airport satisfaction ratings 1

Large Airports

airport satisfaction ratings 2

Medium Airports

airport satisfaction ratings 3

As you can see from the charts, Orlando International Airport, John Wayne Airport and Sacramento International Airport all won their respective categories. Meanwhile Newark Liberty International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Bradley International Airport all ranked as the worst in each of their categories. Also, LaGuardia is officially the worst of them garnering only 654 out of 1000 points, the lowest of any airport regardless of category.

To be fair, all the airports near New York City finished below the national average. At some point you have to wonder if it's the airports fault, or if it has something to do with the people at the airports. 

Also, as a Chicago native, I have to say if you can fly into Midway rather than O'Hare, definitely do so. You can thank me later.


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