Here’s Your Chance To Help Bernie Sanders Shape The Democratic Party's Platform

Marijuana activists were undoubtedly disappointed June 7 when Hilary Clinton officially gained enough delegates to win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Bernie Sanders all but admitted defeat earlier this week when he told C-SPAN, "It doesn't appear that I'm going to be the nominee." But there's still a chance for you to help The Bern influence Democratic Party policy.

Ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia from July 25-27, Sanders' and Hillary Clinton's respective campaigns will be participating in regional forums to discuss what policies should become planks in the party's platform. And Sanders wants your input to help him redefine Democratic values.

Recently, the Vermont senator launched a webpage asking supporters to check off what issues are most important to them. The options include issues such as "Close loopholes that allow corporations not to pay taxes," "Ban private prisons and detention centers," and of course, "Remove marijuana from the federal controlled substances act."

All of the issues mentioned were part of his presidential campaign. And they could live on as official party policy if you help out.

"We have a very big opportunity to enshrine this vision in the official platform of the Democratic Party coming out of the convention next month," Bernie wrote on the website. "We need to hear from you about what you think the most important issues are that should be included in the platform."

And if you need inspiration, check out Bernie describing his vision for the party's future to Stephen Colbert yesterday on an episode of The Late Show.

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