Why Doesn't Bernie Sanders Smoke Marijuana?

"Marijuana is not heroin," Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told a Michigan crowd yesterday, ahead of the Wolverine State's presidential primary today (Mar. 8). Sanders' statement might seem obvious or even absurd on the surface since no one has ever overdosed on marijuana, whereas heroin is a common theme in stories of "the 27 club."

But the federal government still lists marijuana as a substance that's just as dangerous and addictive as heroin. However, Bernie promises to change that by removing marijuana from the drug schedules altogether and letting states legalize, regulate and tax it.

And he's not doing that for himself. In the same speech, he told supporters that he's not a smoker himself.

"I've done marijuana twice in my life when I was very young. And what it did for me was it made me cough a lot - that was my response. But I gather other people have had different experiences."

Check out the full clip here:

This isn't first time Sanders talked about his coughing fits after trying marijuana himself. In an interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo, Sanders discussed his claim that he was probably the only person who didn't get high in the 60s:

h/t Rolling Stone

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