Bernie Sanders Calls Out Sessions, Says 'Marijuana Isn't Heroin'

After Jeff Sessions announced his decision to rescind the Cole Memo, a Department of Justice policy protecting legal marijuana laws, many politicians came out and criticized the Attorney General. But perhaps the most passionate response came from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. 

In a statement, Sanders called on Sessions to reverse his decision on the Cole Memo. He also called out Sessions' for his ridiculous views on marijuana, including that the drug is as dangerous as heroin.

"Marijuana is not the same as heroin. No one who has seriously studied the issue believes that marijuana should be classified as a Schedule 1 drug beside killer drugs like heroin," Sanders said in his statement. "Quite the contrary. We should allow states the right to move toward the decriminalization of marijuana, not reverse the progress that has been made in recent years."

Many Democrats came out yesterday and criticized Sessions decision on the Cole Memo. If anything, Sessions' new policy may actually be the thing that motivates Democrats and pro-cannabis Republicans to finally take concrete steps towards protecting marijuana laws around the nation.

It's still unclear what effects Sessions' new policy will have on states with legalized marijuana, but you know those effects will not go into action without a fight.

(h/t The Hill)


Craig Cesal has been in prison since 2002, when he was sentenced to life without parole in a conspiracy case involving smuggling 10,000 to 30,000 lbs of marijuana. He owned a truck repair company in Chicago, and he was implicated in the conspiracy when he picked up a truck used to smuggle the cannabis in Georgia. Even though he had no role in planning the crime, and he wasn't even sure what they were smuggling, all the charges stemming from the incident were pinned on him.

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