Ben Stiller And Robert De Niro Skewer Trump In 'Meet The Parents' Parody On SNL

Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro crashed the cold open of 'Saturday Night Live' yesterday in a Trump-themed parody of 'Meet the Parents.'

Stiller played Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen opposite De Niro as Robert Mueller, who subjected Cohen to the same polygraph test that Stiller went through as Greg Focker in 'Meet the Parents.'

"I'll start with some easy [questions]," De Niro said after strapping Stiller to the machine. "How'd you like that pee-pee tape?"

The SNL writers also suggested that Cohen was the man who allegedly threatened Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. When asked about paying the porn star $130,000 to keep quiet about the scandal, Stiller said, "It was supposed to be a surprise for Stormy - like a gift. Like a rock you throw through a window with a note tied to it that says 'Stop talking.'"

"So you threaten people?" De Niro asked.

"Directly? No, but let's just say I've cut a lot of letters out of a lot of magazines."

And in case the parody wasn't obvious enough, De Niro drove it home by saying, "We're gonna catch all you little Fockers, you got that?"

Check out the full sketch below. (Canadian viewers can watch it here.)


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