Ben and Jerry's Wants To Make CBD-Infused Ice Cream - And You Can Help

With flavors like Cherry Garcia and Half Baked - not to mention their strong stance on legalization - Ben and Jerry’s have never hidden their connections to cannabis culture. Now, the legendary ice cream company has announced plans begin infusing products with CBD.

In a website post called 'CBD Ice Cream Is (Maybe, Hopefully) Coming To A Freezer Near You!’, the company states that they aim 'to use sustainably-sourced CBD from our home state of Vermont’ in their products. 

Of course, this can’t happen quite yet. Hemp-derived CBD has been legal since last December, the Food and Drug Administration prohibits adding CBD to food and drink. But that is poised to change very soon. A public consultation on CBD will be held this Friday by the FDA. Manufacturers, farmers, and many more people are expected to speak, and the use of CBD in food will likely be a major point of discussion.

Dr. Amy Abernethy, CIO of the FDA, mentioned in a tweet that a public docket on CBD will be open for comment until July.

Ben and Jerry’s is encouraging its fans to take part in this consultation - you can find out how by visiting their site.

So what CBD-infused Ben and Jerry’s flavor do you hope to see first?


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