Stories Behind The Strains: Purple Haze

Cannabis enthusiasts feeling nostalgic for the 60s should check out the latest crop of Purple Haze, a strain named after the Jimi Hendrix classic that needs no introduction (beyond the definitive opening riff):

Contrary to popular belief, the breakout hit for Hendrix, as well as psychedelic rock, wasn't about mind-expanding substances. According to rock biographer Charles R. Cross, Jimi wrote the tune about a dream inspired by Philip José Farmer's sci-fi novel Night of Light, which contains the phrase, "purplish haze."

So why was this strain honored with this prestigious name? Well, just take a look:

Purple Haze might be the most mythic strain in cannabis lore. Originating in California in the 1960s, the first incarnation of Purple Haze became the first cannabis craze in America and Europe, according to High Times. The strain sparked many imitators - much like Hendrix himself:

Indeed, so many Purple Haze imitators emerged that some doubt the original strain - said to deliver a sativa jolt that's as powerful as an adrenaline rush - ever existed.

So if you find some of that elusive original strain, be sure to excuse yourself before you kiss the sky.

This is first in a series, Stories Behind The Strains. Have one you'd like to know the story behind? Let us know in the comments below.

h/t High Times, Leafly, Rolling Stone


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