Getting A Buzz On: How Bees Themselves Make Cannabis-Infused Honey

A 39-year-old Frenchman using the pseudonym Nicholas Trainer-Bees has a pretty sweet business venture: training bees to produce a golden nectar known as "cannahoney."

Not to be confused with honey tincture - which is just normal honey that's been infused with cannabis - cannahoney is produced by bees which have been trained to use cannabis resin as a food source. Following several tests and lengthy observation, Trainer-Bees says he managed to attract bees to cannabis plants; they then use it in their hives, creating honey with purportedly psychoactive effects.

The product has a "a delicious and pleasant taste" and "quite floral" aroma akin to that of fresh cannabis, and a colour ranging from light green to white or yellow, he explains in an interview with Dinafem

While "the bees accept any strain," he notes he successfully created one batch with the strain Californian Orange.

It's just one of the unconventional things Trainer-Bees has managed to do with the insects, which include training bees to "collect sugar from fruits, instead of using flowers," he says. Passionate about nature since childhood, he also works with tarantulas, lizards and ants.

But for those considering trying their hand at amateur beekeeping, Mr. Trainer-Bees offers the following advice:

Don't bee-lieve it? Check out the bees in action.


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