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Beer Yoga: What to Know Before You Go

Yoga and beer might seem like an unlikely match, yet beer yoga is one of the latest international fitness trends. Thanks to the founders who  introduced this practice in 2015 at BierYoga in Berlin after attending Burning Man, you can now de-stress by combining two things you love.

For centuries, people worldwide have consumed beer or practiced yoga as a way to relax, but their pairing didn’t take off around the globe until 2017 when beer yoga spread to Europe, Asia and Australia. Beer yoga is also now popular in Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and the United States. Before you jump on the bandwagon—or into a downward-facing dog with a craft beer—check out some tips for a successful practice.

What Exactly Is Beer Yoga?

Beer yoga is the traditional practice of yoga with a beer in one hand. Most classes include a Vinyasa style flow, with one movement, one breath and one sip of beer at a time. As you move through the poses, you practice different salutations with beer. You may even attempt to balance a bottle of beer on your head—seriously, though. And, yes, the teacher makes comments and jokes about beer. There is the potential for the same sweat, struggle and pain as any other yoga class. The reward: Beer!

Ready to get started?

Accept It for What It Is.

Hot yoga. Couple’s yoga. Goat yoga. Aerial yoga. There are many brands of yoga. Beer yoga is not a serious yoga practice that will help you achieve a fitness goal like weight loss. In fact, if you guzzle more than a few beers as part of regular practice, it may even contribute to a beer belly! Whether you take a class at an outdoor event, bar, party or studio, it is a fun and social way for you to de-stress. Do not expect to release toxins as you would in Bikram yoga or be able to get in your best workout of the week. It is a unique experience that is appropriate for people of all skill levels. You will get to stretch and relax in a setting that is enjoyable and less intense than a traditional yoga class.

Listen to Your Body.

Yoga is about going inward. Instead of comparing yourself to those on the mats next to you, focus on yourself. This may be even more important when a beer is introduced to your practice. Many believe that you should do yoga on an empty stomach, so be mindful of how much beer you consume. Don’t chug, and be sure to bring your bottle of water so that you can stay hydrated and alert. Since alcohol can make you tired, this type of class can add an extra layer of challenge to your mind and body. If a pose doesn’t feel right or you start to feel ill, put down the beer. Child’s pose can be a great way to take a breather and restore your energy.

With these simple tips, you set yourself up for a successful practice. Who needs beer pong when you’ve got beer yoga?


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