Beautiful Chart Outlines Income Distributions Of America's Pastimes

Everyone on earth has things they like to do in their free time. That is, hobbies. But how do these pastimes correlate with how much money they make? Do people who play basketball on their off days make more or less money than people who play darts? Well our friend halhen decided to find out. He dug into the numbers of the American Time Use Survey and plotted how each of America's most popular pastimes related to the incomes of those doing the pastimes. 

The top end is full of things like golf and racquet sports, while the bottom end is populated by television and drug use. While these aren't particularly surprising, there is some very interesting trends throughout. For example, running is the fourth "wealthiest" hobby while walking is in the bottom third. And it appears that everyone has an equal interest in reading, no matter the income bracket. 


Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go watch some TV. 


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