What Is A 'Modern Man,' Anyway?

"Masculinity." Ugh. Such a complicated concept.

While manhood in 2015 means more than drinking your whiskey neat and knowing how to tie a double windsor knot, less clear is the code of values and aesthetics, if any, to which the modern dude should subscribe.

As Brian Lombardi suggests in his essay in the New York Times, "27 Ways to Be a Modern Man," it's about "adhering to principle [...] the modern man will take the bits from the past that strike him as relevant and blend them with the stuff of today."

From steak to shoes to charging your wife's phone to the appropriate time to buy flowers, Lombardi's list of "27 Ways To Be a Modern Man" kinda kills it. My favourites are below: read Lombardi's full article here.

"When the modern man buys shoes for his spouse, he doesn't have to ask her sister for the size. And he knows which brands run big or small."


"Before the modern man heads off to bed, he makes sure his spouse's phone and his kids' electronic devices are charging for the night. "


"The modern man doesn't cut the fatty or charred bits off his fillet. Every bite of steak is a privilege, and it all goes down the hatch."

"The modern man has never "pinned" a tweet, and he never will."


What do you think? Are you a "modern man?"

h/t The New York Times, Salon.


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