BBC Reporter Attacked by Lemurs Live On Air

While trying to report on the annual animal count at Banham Zoo in Norfolk, England, BBC reporter Alex Dunlop was mobbed by a family of lemurs. As Dunlop tried giving his report, the creatures began jumping and climbing onto his shoulders. The lemurs were trying to see what was in Dunlop’s closed fists, taking bites out of both hands. Whenever Dunlop tried to share his report, he was only able to express his pain, “I’m at one of the ... OW!” Even though the animals ruined Dunlop’s segment, he seemed to take the experience in stride, “Well, this I think is one of the more enjoyable parts of the job.” Dunlop eventually tried to distract the lemurs by waving his hand, but it only contributed more to his failed attempt at reporting with these creatures climbing all over him.  


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