Barry Manilow Comes Out With Husband

Barry Manilow has given the world decades of hit music while somehow keeping his personal life completely private. Now, at 73-years-old, Manilow comes out with his husband manager Garry Kief. The couple have been together for nearly 40 years and had a secret wedding ceremony at their Palm Springs home in April 2014. News of their wedding made headlines a year later, which Manilow called, “a blessing and a curse” because he feared coming out. He mostly feared disappointing his fans, so he never came out or said anything. Now that he is out, Manilow has been surprised and grateful for the amount of support he’s received from longtime fans.


Facebook is something we have all had experience with at this point. In fact, we probably all have over ten years of experience under our belts. While it may have started out as something amazing, these days it seems like it's more of a chore than anything else.

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