Barack Obama Recently Hustled Michael Phelps And Chris Paul At Golf

Since leaving the White House last January, President Barack Obama has kept busy by globetrotting, kitesurfing and hustling celebrities on the golf green, according to Anthony Anderson, who got outplayed by the prez recently in a foursome with NBA All-Star Chris Paul and Olympian Michael Phelps. Anderson says Obama acted cocky about his golf chops all along the course that day.

"President Obama talked trash all day," the actor and gameshow host told Jimmy Fallon yesterday on 'The Tonight Show.' "Five and a half hours - nothing but trash talk. He talked trash all day and he took all of our money. He's a great golfer. He doesn't hit the ball long off the tee, but he's as straight as an arrow, man. 220 yards every time, played with one ball the entire time. Didn't lose one ball."

But his competitors lost a few balls and over $1,500 combined. "He took $700 from Phelps, he took $600 from Chris Paul and he took $300 from me," Anderson added. "I was like, 'Man, is this even right? You're the president. Can you take money from civilians?' And he was like, 'Anthony, I'm a civilian now. So yes, I can take it.'"


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