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Bae Vapes Are The Adorably Girlie Pens For The Sweet-Toothed Sweetheart In Your Life

The first thing you notice about Bae vapes is how cute they look. These single-use cannabis pens are sleek and playfully feminine by design.

“A lot of vape pens on the market have a masculine look to them. There’s a lot of black, a lot of gun metal, a lot of stainless steel that’s being used…This is sort of the foray into a vape pen that might go with your outfit,” explained Hannah Davis, the Chief Marketing Officer of Mammoth Distributions, which distributes the pens.

It's true that while vape pens often feel like the future, they don't seem to be particularly geared toward women. Many have an aesthetic that might feel at home in 'Star Wars' (and as cannabis becomes more prevalent in pop culture, it's not hard to imagine a Stormtrooper taking a quick drag before heading into battle).

Bae vapes offer a glimpse at the other side of that coin. They are unabashedly girlie and whimsical enough that we can almost imagine Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde' taking a quick puff before she sits down to plan her cross examination. 

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It’s the small details that make Bae vapes so fun. Their battery is an iridescent pink, and at the tip of the pen, the light that illuminates to indicate you’re getting a hit is adorned with an adorable little heart. “We are totally aware that it’s over-the-top girlie,” Davis explained, “But we are sort of going for that younger consumer, the 21 to 30 year old consumer, and millennial pink is sort of the color of the last couple years.

“This box looks like it could sit at Sephora,” Davis explained of Bae’s packaging, “and that’s exactly what we were going for.”

As any makeup aficionado will attest, part of the appeal of buying a new lip gloss or eyeshadow is opening up the thoughtfully designed box when you get home. Bae’s elegant pink box also scratches that itch, which makes the pens a unique birthday or bachelorette party present for the stiletto stoner in your life.

The Bae pens aren't just candy for the eye either. They also taste sweet. The pens come in three strains: Pink Punch (sativa), Cake Batter (hybrid), and Macaron (indica).

“When we were connecting these flavor profiles, we said ‘Let’s make something that’s easily accessible to these women who are coming to the [cannabis] industry, and making flavors that they would sort of understand already. You read ‘Pink Punch,’ and you sort of already have a flavor in your mind,” Davis said.

Bae’s standout flavor - Cake Batter - “has a lot of vanilla and toasted notes," Davis explained. "We took two strains and combined them together to make this flavor. We saw this strain, Wedding Cake, and thought, out let’s take that and make it just a little different.”

In order to arrive at these mouth-watering flavors, Bae uses “a combination of plant extracts," according to Davis. "We have all-natural plant-derived terpenes that are going into this.”

One of the most convenient aspects of vaping versus smoking flower is that it can be done easily and discreetly around friends. Many female cannabis users now carry a vape pen regularly in their purse, just as they do their favorite lipstick for the same reason: you never know when you may want to take it out for a quick pick-me-up. Bae vapes are the perfect pen for the cannabis user who is also a fashionista.


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