We Have Bad News: You May Want To Stand Up For This

We've all heard by now that sitting is the new smoking - slowing your metabolism, promoting fat accumulation and arthritis, and generally making you feel like crap.

Since most North Americans sit between 8-10 hours every day, keeping the hunching and twisting to a minimum is an absolute must if you want to stay spry in your old age:



Here are some simple ways to reduce the physical agony associated with your workstation (sorry, can't help with your incompetent boss or cubicle-mate's endless personal calls.)

Sit at your desk properly



Sit up straight


When you're laser-focused mid-workflow, it's easy to revert to your habitual Quasi Modo stance. Devices like a Lumo Lift Posture Coach senses and coaches you to correct your posture using subtle vibrations. Annoying? Maybe. But way less so than bringing your mom to the office.

Consider a standing or treadmill desk



Standing desks are everywhere now; however, propping up your computer on a stack of books or a printer can be just as effective, and much cheaper, way to get on the level. Treadmill desks are still pretty pricey and not for the faint of heart. Jury's still out on how being vertical/breaking a sweat might impact productivity.

Get up and walk around.



You don't need a newfangled desk to mitigate the health effects of your soul-sucking desk job. Aim for a break every half-hour or so: if that's impossible, maybe you can walk around while you're on the phone. Try using two feet and a heartbeat to walk over and communicate with the other humans in your office instead of emailing. Or take a page out of Steve Jobs' bookand insist on walking meetings.

Relocate your wallet.

Not only does rooting around under your butt when it's time to pick up the lunch tab make you look like a schlub, it's bad for your back. Like, really bad. Having one cheek higher than the other twists your pelvis and misaligns your spine. Better keep that wallet in your bag, where it belongs.

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