Watch This Bad - But Highly Entertaining - Lip Reading Of The Last Presidential Debate

Sunday night is the second presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This debate will be town-hall style, with half of the questions coming directly from the St. Louis, Missouri audience, and half coming from moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper. This is the second presidential debate and the third debate in this election cycle, following a midweek debate between VP candidates. 

If you're keeping score, consensus seems to be that Hillary Clinton easily won the first presidential debate by presenting her policy ideas through a flurry of verbal spars directed towards Trump, leaving him sputtering about Rosie O'Donnell and flying headstrong into a week of back and forth on the subject of a former Miss Universe.

The Vice Presidential debate's winner is more contentious, but even the left-leaning liberal media more accustomed to trashing Trump had to give Mike Pence, Trump's running mate, his due. Pence's tactic of maintaining composure while pretending Donald Trump doesn't exist seems to have gotten him the win.

Which means we're at a tie, of sorts, and one of the two campaigns has the chance to claim a small, mostly meaningless lead this Sunday night.

The candidates' preparations for the debate are as different as their opinions on what exactly happened at Benghazi. Clinton clearly sees the debate as and important tool in the path the to the White House. The former Secretary of State took time away from regular campaigning to work with her team at her home in Washington and get some rest, while The Donald held a mock town hall in New Hampshire where took softball questions from a friendly audience.

So how should we, the viewing public, prepare for this debate? Well, you could read up on some of the issues facing the nation, or perhaps you could review Trump's most outrageous flubs and Clinton's greatest gaffes. But for my money, the best way to prepare for a town hall debate amidst the insanity of this election, is by watching the latest from the Youtube stars Bad Lip Reading.

Bad Lip Reading have a unique way of taking real footage, twisting the truth about what is coming from people's mouths in the silliest of ways, and yet somehow tapping into a truth about our shared cultural zeitgest. See for yourself, below.

Banner Image: Sunday night's debate features presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. (Carsten Reisinger /


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