B-Real Reveals How Cypress Hill Ended Up Smoking Weed on SNL

DJ Muggs wasn't supposed to light up that joint on stage during Cypress Hill's iconic performance on Saturday Night Live. But the group went down in cannabis and television history because of it.

Cypress Hill's 1993 appearance on SNL is one of the group's most infamous moments. Not only did they manage to get themselves banned for life from reappearing on the late night program—an achievement that only a small handful of other people have earned. But perhaps more notably, the group committed an act of "radical marijuana activism" (as New York rapper and activist Talib Kweli put it) when Cypress Hill member DJ Muggs lit up a joint on stage.

But apparently that wasn't how things were supposed to go down that night, revealed Cypress Hill frontman B-Real.

"It was a total fuck-up on what we were trying to do," B-Real said on a recent appearance on Kweli's 'People's Party' podcast.

"What was supposed to happen was in the last verse, when we were getting close to the chorus, the DJ was supposed to start smashing the turn tables," B-Real explained.

The group had agreed to trash the set then light one up in the wreckage. But the DJ got nervous, said B-Real, and didn't destroy anything, so Muggs took things into his own hands.

"Because dude was kind of nervous up there, Mugs said fuck it and pulled out the joint first," B-Real said.

But while things didn't go exactly to plan, B-Real said the improvised stunt pretty much had the effect they wanted anyway. And because of it, the group became true cannabis icons.

"Muggs lighting that joint got us banned forever. But it also added to our legend."

h/t The Fresh Toast


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