How Your Avocado Toast Is Funding Mexican Drug Cartels

It’s become a cliché in online journalism to bring up the popularity of avocado toast as an example of how millennials are disrupting restaurants or killing traditional meal structures or whatever.

However, it turns out the recent glut of avocados in North America isn’t the fault of toast-eating hipsters. Instead, the blame actually lies with overzealous Mexican drug cartels.

While the vast majority of our avocado supply comes from Mexico, the US actually banned the crop in the US until a 1994 trade agreement made it possible to exchange certain goods between the countries, according to a new segment from 'Adam Ruins Everything.'

During this time, the influence of Mexican drug cartels was expanding within the country. Seeing as they had plenty of previous experience in illegal greens, the cartels began edging into legal trades, like avocado farming, to supplement their income.

So, next time you dip your tortilla into a big bowl of guacamole, know that you are, in a very roundabout way, supporting someone’s cocaine habit.

For more disappointing news about your favorite green, pitted fruit, watch the full clip below:


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