You Won't Believe How Much Time the Average Office Worker Spends Looking at a Screen

In the 21st century, working in an office means staring at a computer screen for hours and hours. But you won't believe how much type we actually spend looking at our computer screens.

A new survey found that the average office worker will stare at a computer or laptop screen for over 1,700 hours each year. That's about six and a half hours every day. That's over a quarter of your day just staring at a screen.

And while that may seem reasonable, there are some downsides to staring at a screen for so long. 48 percent say they suffer from dry eyes or eye strain if they don't take regular screen breaks. And 37 percent say they also believe they've suffered headaches from excessive screen staring. Another 37 percent say say they need to make the text larger on their computer screen in order to see it, and 25 percent say they have to move their screens closer to them in order to focus on their work.

Throw in that many of these office workers probably also stare at a computer or TV screen when they get home from work as well, and that just can't be healthy for a person's eyes. 

Of course, since you're probably also reading this on a computer screen, we're not going to tell you to stop doing so. Maybe just take more frequent breaks!

(h/t Independent)


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