This Graph Shows the Average Marijuana Price in Every Canadian Region

Medical marijuana is legal throughout Canada, and recreational use is right around the corner. But just because it's legal throughout the country doesn't mean everyone gets equal access to marijuana.

The Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) created a report last year to predict what effects they believe legalizing marijuana recreationally will have on the rest of the country. Inside the report, the PBO also included data about the price of cannabis in the different regions of Canada. This graph, courtesy of Reddit, shows those results, measured in dollars per gram:

canadian marijuana prices by region

The bottom of the graph also shows what percentage of marijuana users come from each region. Unsurprisingly, Canada's largest province, Ontario, also has the largest percentage of marijuana users in the country. Interesting to note that British Columbia and Alberta have nearly the same population, but British Columbia has significantly more marijuana users. Perhaps that's because of the cheaper price? 

Also considering how difficult it is to obtain medical marijuana in the state of New York and how cheap it is in Quebec, New Yorkers might think about a trip across the border to stock up on some supply. But they should think twice about that because bringing weed across international borders is never a good idea. 


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