Guess What Australia Wants To Sell In Sex Shops

Sex sells, and apparently so does weed sold in conjunction with it. Or so says a sex industry association in Australia anyway.

The Eros Association, which represents sex shop owners in Australia, is pushing to see cannabis sold in adult stores. The Association said in a submission to a Senate inquiry - which is investigating government regulations that impinge on personal freedom - that regulated cannabis sales would create almost $1-billion a year in tax revenue, boost employment, and put an end to the black market for the drug.

Sex shops in Australia already sell a range of products related to the cannabis industry, from books to T-shirts to other products - and they see legalization as "not a matter of if, but when."

Pot is a popular drug in Australia

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia, with one-third of all adults aged 22 and up admitting having tried it, and about one million reporting using it within the past year.

"Many members of the Eros Association are interested in the potential for legal cannabis markets for adults and would love the opportunity to up-skill and nurture a successful, safe and regulated industry for cannabis in Australia," the association said in the submission.

"Considering alcohol excise is at around 30 percent, this could quickly jump to around $900-million and that's using the lowest estimations of the total market."

Save on law enforcement, direct taxes to drug programs

According to the Eros Association, two-thirds of government spending on drugs went to enforcement, which includes jails and policing. They argue that the regulation of cannabis would significantly decrease that expenditure. Further, they argue, taxing legal marijuana could fund treatment for addicts.

Although Australia is readying itself for expansions to its medical marijuana program, Health Minister Sussan Ley has spoken against a legal recreational market.

If the sex shop operators eventually get their way, we have more to be excited about than just one-stop shopping for sexy lingerie and party supplies: maybe we'll see Sex Sloth joining the already-internet-famous Stoner Sloth of Australian PSA fame.

h/t Yahoo Australia


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