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Aurora Cannabis Opens Flagship Store in West Edmonton Mall

On Wednesday, Aurora Cannabis launched a flagship store at the West Edmonton Mall, becoming the largest marijuana retailer in all of Canada. The space is divided into two parts: one for selling cannabis, and the other an experiential retail center (similar to the MoMa gift shop) selling lifestyle goods and introducing consumers into cannabis culture.

Aurora WEM Foyer

Aurora's portfolio of five different brands targets a variety of demographics, with the goal being for the store to mimic that brand portfolio and grow global awareness. Currently, there is no other retail experience in Canada like this: Not only a cannabis retail store, Aurora's 11,000 square foot flagship is about creating an experience, as well as a place to gather and learn about cannabis.

Aurora WEM Product

The West Edmonton Mall is also a significant location for Aurora, whose founders are from West Edmonton. The mall itself brings in more than 30 million consumers a year, helping Aurora to build community (they even hired a local muralist Rust Magic to feature his work in between the retail location's two sides), de-stigmatize cannabis, and grow the industry. 

Aurora WEM Soft Goods Wall


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