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Sex & CBD are on the Menu at NSFW's Thanksgiving "Dankquet"

There isn’t a more iconic duo in the world than weed and sex. For centuries, they've paired better than even their biggest rival: peanut butter and jelly. In all seriousness though, who among us doesn’t love to smoke a joint, get busy, and have a nice cuddle session after?

That’s in short, what the New Society For Wellness (NSFW) is all about: playfully combining weed and sex. NSFW describes itself as a New York City-based private club and digital agency connecting like-minded millennials with vice-category brands in sexual wellness, cannabis, and adventure. In layman’s terms, they throw sex parties where members get stoned and go to town on one another.  

In honor of Thanksgiving, NSFW sprinkled a little spice into their usual weed + sex recipe for a dash of holiday spirit: The digital agency threw Dankquet (a.k.a. Danksgiving), a yearly event where celebrity chef Oscar Toro cooks up an entire feast for the NSFW family.

The kicker? Every single item on the menu was infused with CBD.


The decadent menu included wild mushroom crostini, goat cheese, and acorn squash as appetizers. Chinese sausage, apple stuffing, spiced-durban poison apple jam as sides. Mac n’ cheese bites, charred corn, miso-cannabutter, lobster, chai tea brined turkey, cranberry sauce, and cinnamon sweet potato tartlets for the main meal. And lastly, for dessert, Toro baked pumpkin-spiced latte cheesecake and girl scout cookie pecan crumble.

Instead of wearing sweatpants to the Thanksgiving table, as is customary at least in my family, everyone wore black lingerie or some sexy variation. (I was impressed at how no one’s blood-red lipstick managed to smear while eating the feast.) Together, 70 club members gathered in the heart of Manhattan's West Village at the NSFW highline, a 4,000 square-foot space decked out with mattresses, pillows, and ottomans. For this event, the usual furniture doubled perfectly as tables and seats.

But it wasn't all about getting high, eating delicious foods, and hooking up at NSFW — the agency also educates members about various forms of marijuana use, hosts panels on polyamory, and provides numerous workshops on BDSM, squirting, blowjobs, and Tantric massage, just to name a few. In fact, after being accepted as a member to NSFW, it’s mandatory to attend “Send Noobs” before heading to any event, in order to teach those who aren’t aware of play norms how to go about asking for consent in sex spaces.


At Dankquet, vendors were able to act as educators. William Bosch from Topstone Projects (a "locally crafted concentrate vaporizer" company) answered guests' questions on cannabis, covering topics like the best strains for relaxation, or other ways to consume cannabis beyond flower, such as via concentrates, oils, and topicals. Apricity CBD, which was also in the clubhouse, discussed the benefits of water-soluble CBD over oil-based products when infusing CBD into food and drinks.

And just in case the infused feast didn’t give you the buzz you were looking for, you could also just dab as much to your heart’s content with Topstone.

Of course, sex was on the table after the festive meal, but nearly everyone was too full to move, let alone get down with each other after the feast.

But if that’s not the sign of a good Thanksgiving or rather, Danksgiving meal, I don’t know what is.  

Images courtesy of Rodrigo Lizarraga for NSFW


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