NASA Plans For Armageddon (As In The Movie)

Bruce Willis may need to get the old gang back together. The drill-team that saved the lives of fictional Americans and stole the hearts of real-life theatregoers should be on standby for NASA's mission to save the world.

In 2022, a coalition of space agencies led by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), plan to send a test-probe crashing into the asteroid Didymoon, which is currently on a trajectory that will bring it closer to Earth than most asteroids.

But don't panic! Didymoon should miss us by nearly seven-million miles, making this close-call more of a long shot.

Ian Carnelli, who is managing the ESA end of the mission, says the historic mission, "will mark the first time humanity has altered the dynamics of the Solar System in a measurable way."

Moreover, it will lay the groundwork for planning future planetary defence strategies, according to Carnelli.

"We will gain insight into the kind of force needed to shift the orbit of any incoming asteroid, and better understand how the technique could be applied if a real threat were to occur."

Hopefully those plans also include comical montages and Aerosmith tunes.

Here's a clip outlining the mission, which will begin in 2020:


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