Ask a Budtender: What Can You Tell About a Person From the Weed they Buy?

Budtenders, they're just like us... right? Megan Fischer, a budtender at the Higher Path in Los Angeles, started smoking cannabis in college. She prefers to smoke simply, out of a glass pipe or bong, and like many other consumers, she smokes in order to ease anxiety. But unlike the rest of us, Megan has some perspective from the other side of the counter. With so much experience with cannabis, it's intriguing to hear which strain is her favorite, and what she can tell about a person simply from the kind of cannabis they choose to buy. 


Because it has been illegal or stigmatized for decades, the body of cannabis research available is, in many ways, incomplete. But Canada’s federal government is taking advantage of the country’s status as the only G7 country to have legalized marijuana and addressing that issue. It was announced yesterday that nearly 25 million dollars will be used to fund cannabis research in Canada.

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