Ask a Budtender: How Do New Yorkers and Midwesterners Talk about Weed?

Every region has its nicknames for cannabis. As a budtender at Alternative Herbal Health Services in Los Angeles, Toula P. has noticed the differences in how people from all over the country talk about weed. New Yorkers say "gas," for instance while Midwesterners say "fire." And that's not the only word game at play. To her family back home, Toula jokes that as a budtender she's basically a "florist" — a purveyor of specialty flowers. Gas, fire, grass, whatever you call it, she's got it. 


Ontario's limping legal cannabis market seems to be finally catching a break. Legal cannabis sales have nearly doubled since licensed cannabis retailers began opening in the province last April. Ever since cannabis legalization took effect in October of 2018, legal sales have lagged behind in Canada's most populous province compared to other jurisdictions, which have significantly smaller markets.

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