Asia's Best Restaurant Is Now Offering A Menu Written Completely In Emojis

Whatever you order off the menu at Asia's best restaurant is likely to have you feeling a little :open_mouth:.

That’s the surprised emoji, for those whose Internet lingo savvy is more than a little lacking; and if you have a reservation at Gaggan restaurant in Bangkok anytime soon, it may be time to brush up (although it seems no amount of studying will help you figure out exactly what you’re ordering.)

Gaggan, which currently holds the title of Asia’s best restaurant according to the World’s 50 Best list, has just introduced a menu written exclusively in emojis.

With 22 emoji meals to choose from, Chef Gaggan Anand has his hands full turning the various emojis into mouth-watering dishes.

The restaurant has been sharing images of their emoji-inspired meals on Instagram over the last month. Check out this image of Anand's interpretation of the :mushroom::

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#gagganxden so damn good !!! 🍄

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While the emoji tasting menu will set you back around $115, it's fair to say the novelty – and overall quality afforded by one of the world's most coveted eateries – will leave you feeling :satisfied:.

h/t Travel and Leisure


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