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Artist Richard Prince Is Launching a Cannabis Line Called 'Katz + Dogg'

Richard Prince has been part of the art world since the '80s, but he's received a lot of bad press lately for his antics on Instagram. All that could turn around though if his latest venture pans out. The controversial artist is breaking into the cannabis world with a new design-driven cannabis brand called Katz + Dogg.

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All of the packaging for the new brand will be decorated in Prince's 'Hippie Series' of illustrations dating from the late-90s. As his partners have suggested, Katz + Dogg is really focused on the idea of creating better branding in an industry that can often feel unapproachable.

"We've long believed that cannabis should do better," said Joan Katz, a longtime friend of Prince and a collaborator on the new brand. "Wrapping and trappings shouldn't feel threatening but inclusive, while assuring you of the high caliber of the flower you're about to enjoy."

To help develop the actual weed for Katz + Dogg, Prince has teamed up with the Colorado-based cannabis producer 710 Labs, a brand already well-known for pulling inspiration from the world of visual art.

At launch, Katz + Dogg will feature a single strain developed by 710 called "ice cream cake", which will be available in dispensaries across California. Prince requested that the brand's first strain be relatively low-strength, both as a nod to the less-potent weed of his adolescence and in keeping with the idea of accessibility.

"You could smoke it first thing when you wake up and it wouldn't be overwhelming," explained 710 Labs partner Ian Skelly.

So while the cannabis offerings will be a little slim to start, Katz + Dogg will feature a few other tie-ins as well. The brand was launched alongside Prince's new 'High Times' exhibition showing at Gagosian Gallery in San Fransisco and also features a series of collaborative kimonos with fashion designer Dr. Romanelli.


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