Art Garfunkel Just Published A Marijuana Poem

Folk legend Art Garfunkel is back on tour, but instead of singing for sold-out arenas, he's signing copies of his latest book, What Is It All But Luminous — a memoir collecting snippets of writing that include reflections on his conflicted relationship with Paul Simon, travel notes and a marijuana poem.

Garfunkel jotted down these snippets during his sporadic walking tour of America. In 1983, Garfunkel began a cross-country walk that took 40 instalments over 14 years to complete as he paused the trek for long stretches before picking up again right where he left the journey. Along the way, he brought a notepad in which he scribbled down anecdotes, prayers, and poems like his musing on the momentary flashes of brilliance that you get from smoking marijuana.

—The trouble with pot, said a doctor I know,
is: the insights, the color, quite wonderful—
are like fireworks...there and gone...
points in time...last year's clouds

Not bad, but does it stack up against Paul Simon's pot song 'Late in the Evening'?

Banner Image: Raph_PH (flickr)


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